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THE PAST - The company's history


Mulattieri Creations is specialized in accessories for indoor and outdoor furniture, furnishing and curtains for yachts, and in windows and doors. Is a family-run company operating since 1982, the year of its foundation. It stands out immediately as a leading company in the field , for the obsessive use of the best products on the market. In 1983 it becomes Finstral partner, European leader of the PVC window frame. In 1984 starts the distribution of Arquati products, , awnings for indoors, fabrics and furnishings: the investment on tissue packaging, also third account, will position the company in the first row in the field of upholstery thanks to reliability, speed and accuracy in performing job orders. From here it opens the Yacht's world, which in just a few years will become an activity highly successful. The company always attend every meetings with the partner, following the ongoing cultural technical updates in order to accumulate experience and to provide always highly qualified answer. Its true flagship is the reliability of the products, an installation guaranteed by the over thirty years of experience which is added to the imagination of the human resources and the highest professionalism that can be expressed. For these reasons, being a family-run company, it promotes the conditions to put the customer at ease, and it still expresses the joy and the pride of its work.

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THE PRESENT - Our business


We are specialized in wooden and aluminum window and door frames, also in pvc, interior doors, security doors, doors in tissue glass and entry doors, home automation sectional doors. From the experience handed down for over fifty years in the sector of furnishing fabric and curtains, the business expansion, while still remaining rooted to the mastery of manual craftsmanship, it has also been extended to the furniture of yatchs and curtains for boating. It is precisely due to these levels of excellence, that we are present on the market with innovative and customized products following requests and extreme demands. Every day we take the challenge to make all our creation the satisfaction of our customers. This constant and passionate mental stimulation ,it makes us pursuing research, innovation ,art, imagination and experience, making us unique and consciously different. Evolution: from the artigianal root but with an industrial way of thinking, resulting “an advanced craftsman”, in synergy with the best companies in the world. The way we think ‘’different’’ places us in an imaginary state located between present and future, by directing our watchful eye constantly ahead and as we grow, at the end of each day we are stimulated by the same question : what will do as adults??

THE FUTURE - Company’s mission statement

Our constant commitment doesn’t put limits to build and fulfill “our” future,We are proud of our humility and continue to learn something every day, from anyone, enriching our professional background. The satisfaction of the customer is our best business card to complete our work, for this reason we share with you the pride of our works. Every customer is the result of a seed that is taken care from planting until its sprout to harvest the fruit… word of mouth. Our mission is not sell you something but advise you how to “invest well your money” spend it only once...this is the testimony of our more than 15.000 customers. My sincere thanks to all.

Massimo Mulattieri

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