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SOMFY domotics

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Expert Somfy - Home Motion Specialist

The acquired experience in 35 years of cooperation as Somfy partners place us at a technical-commercial significant level of preparation for all projects where there is a Somfy product in civil and marine industry.

Passion makes difference.

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Rendi la tua casa intelligente:

  • blinds
  • shutters
  • awnings
  • interior curtains
  • alert
  • lightning
  • heating
  • gate

My scenarios

I handle my habits

  • Simultaneous functioning of the devices that are part of a scenario

    Ex. scenario "GOING OUT": close all the blinds, turn off the lights and activate the alert

  • with a simple gesture i activate the desired scenario

My program

I handle my scenarios

  • I create my typical days.

    Ex. scenario "WORKING DAY": it actives several devices that are part of it (Settable up to 20 different days)

  • Can I program a week with several business days, weekends, and other commitments.


Smart sensor

  • I manage my scenarios also through the sensors to optimize the energy efficiency of my home.

    The sensors allow me to better exploit my connected devices: sensors for sunlight, temperature, smoke, etc...

Tahoma is compatible with the main leading brands in the home automation industry

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