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Mechanically controlled ventilation

A number of sources of pollution in our homes make the quality of the internal air worse than the external one. Humidity, mold, moisture, carbon dioxide, bacteria, formaldehyde, radon, fumes, noise, can have negative consequences on our health.

To breathe healthier air is necessary a correct and constant exchange of air which is possible thanks to the VMC. The stale air is evacuated expelled and new fresh and filtered air from particulate matter and pollens comes into our homes ready to be breathed

All this happens with closed windows with the advantage that the incoming air is heated in the exchanger from the one leaving with a consequent energy saving in the winter periods.

Canalized system

Ventilation systems studied to solve any problem of air exchange. Ventilation systems self-adjusting, dual-flow with heat recovery, with renewed air filtration and functions of free cooling for the cooling of the premises when the outside temperature is favorable.

Installation for windows and doors

Vista esterna
Vista interna

VMC Systems to ensure a proper and guaranteed air exchange both in new construction and renovation. As simple as opening the windows, but much more effective, characterized by a neat design suitable for any architectural solution.

Open the windows to aerate the rooms has different consequences: too cold or too hot, energy waste, air currents, noise from the outside, possible intruders and no air filtration.