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Useful solution to improve the thermo-acoustic insulation of windows and doors and eliminate the thermal bridges that cause the condensation near the window frames with mold as a consequence. We work in the Province of La Spezia and the neighboring ones (Massa-Carrara;Genova,Parma ;Lucca)

Solutions for Rollers Blinds

The monoblock roller blind PRESYSTEM® SPC allows to realize a window hole with high energy efficiency which maximizes the thermal and the acoustic performance.

It is a system that allows simultaneously to define with certainty the production costs and reduce those of the building site, combining seriality of the product with the possibility of customization at the highest levels. PRESYSTEM® SPC is the specific version of monoblock for the roller blind, composed of insulating shoulders in extruded polystyrene (XPS) and fiber cement - available in standard version or oversized -high density cassonetto, celino coibentato and can be completed by the fourth side, the sottobancale

Conytotelaio Alpac

Solutions for shutters

Alpac PRESYSTEM® SPS is the ideal solution to realize an external obscuration system suitable for the use of shutters and blinds of any type, with casement or sliding movements. Delete each thermal bridge, insulating completely the window hole, it does not require successive holes on the finished masonry for fixing the blinds and it ensure an excellent aesthetics. Either it guarantees against cracking and infiltration because it is equipped of lateral clamps complete of portacardine for a safe and practical fixing of the blinds.

It is constituted by shoulders and the upper side by insulators in extruded polyester(XPS) and fiber cement - available in standard version or oversized - and can be completed by sottobancale a taglio termico to maximize the isolation radius.

Controtelaio Alpac

Solution with mechanical ventilation

Thermal counterframes with integrated VMC to constantly renew the air inside the housing avoiding canalisations or bulky centralized systems. High thermal and acoustic insulation with maximum convenience of installation


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