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Nautical sector

From the generational experience in furnishing fabrics and draperies sector, the business expansion, while remaining rooted to the mastery of craftsmanship, it has also spread to yachts interiors and curtains for boating. It is precisely due to these levels of excellence that we are present in the market with innovative and customized products following extreme requests and needs. Everyday we take the challenge making each creation the satisfaction of our customers.

Your dreams, our hands. Nautical division and curtains of Mulattieri Creations, where past and future dress of emotions your yacht. Harmonious furnishing fabrics, elegant, carefully design, are obtained by monitoring the latest innovation in raw materials and in processing technologies.

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Our curtains

The wide choice of types, drawings and patterns of excellent technical and aesthetic quality provides solutions for any requirement in hotel, private homes and in particular in yachts and mega yachts. Our curtains represent a mix of success and technology, electronics, craftsmanship, passion and attention to details. We add to this an excellent availability for counseling, design, realization tailor-made, delivery, installation and competitive prices.

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